Sunday, January 31, 2016


Another beautiful day to go out, enjoy God's country and our family. We couldn't be more blessed. Thank you God for another day!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Annabeth's birthday party!!

Girl Scout hike

Mommy was planning on resting today, after last night, but Kayla wanted to proceed with the original plans, so we did. First stop, a short walk with the Girl Scout troop! On a beautiful day!! It was fun and good to get out and see her friends!

Bubba's jeep

While mommy and Kayla played at Girl Scouts and Annabeth's, daddy and Evan went to Uncle Bubba's to help him fix the Jeep. Evan had the best time!!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

ER - Kayla's Heart

This afternoon was adventurous to say the least... So after the field trip, mommy went back to work and we went back to school. Daddy came to pick us up and noticed Kayla wasn't acting herself. He asked her what was wrong and she said she felt like her heart was racing. Thinking that was strange, he called mommy but couldn't reach her. He decided to drive to the doctor and see if she felt better after resting on the car ride (Kayla had just finished recess and playing boys vs girls soccer). After getting to the doctor, no change. Still couldn't reach mommy, so they went inside. The check in lady said she would have to wait and make a doctor's visit (no nurse visit or quick pulse check). After verifying insurance (for the new year) and finding an open appointment, they sat in the waiting room to wait. A short time later the nurse called them back. Kayla was weighed and her temperature taken before finally hooking her up to the pulse meter. The pulse came back at 285!!!!!! The nurse decided to call another nurse to look at it. She left and came back immediately with every doctor in the practice, They took them to an exam room and started trying vagal maneuvers. The doctor told daddy he thought Kayla was having an SVT and they were trying to self shock the heart back into rhythm. Then a team of paramedics showed up in the hallway. They placed an IV in Kayla to administer adenosine to try to lower her heart rate. The doctors and paramedics started to disagree on how to administer the drug because it apparently. Finally the paramedics got through to the doctors they knew what to do and proceeded. Kayla's heart rate lowered and they took her from the doctor's office to the ambulance to go to Vanderbilt hospital. They wouldn't allow daddy or Evan to go in the ambulance. This was heart breaking to daddy! Daddy and Evan then went to the truck and drove to the ER. Daddy finally reached mommy and she flew out of the office. Daddy, mommy and Evan all beat Kayla to the ER. Somehow. The man said he wasn't sure where she was, but she was on her way. He said he couldn't track the ambulances?! What?! Mommy said to him - We can track every Uber car in the city and you can't tell me where your ambulances are?!?! Are you kidding me?! After 5 or 10 minutes we were finally told we could go back to see her. She was sitting up in bed with all kind of cords on her. She looked scared. Mommy was so happy to hold her and see she was doing OK! Shortly after we walked in, a cardiologist named Dr. Fish walked in. He said he wasn't the cardiologist on call, but saw her chart and thinks he knows what she has. He told us he's a specialist in this area, so he would just wait and evaluate her. He ordered an EKG, which they came and did a short while later. Dr Fish came right back in and confirm his initial thoughts. Kayla has SVT due to WPW symdrome. He explained she has an electrical problem, similar to having a short in a wire. He said he would put her on medicine now and she would wear a heart monitor next week. We would meet with him after the monitor and determine the next steps. They then took an xray of Kayla and we were discharged to go home! Scared and confused, we all are back at home.

Field trip!!

Field trip day for both of us and we both get to go see Cinderella at the Children's Theater!!!! This was Evan's first field trip!! We had a blast. And mommy got to go too! She drove Evan and his friends!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day - Snow men building and shoveling

Thank you sunshine for the perfect snowman snow! After we built our snowmen, and a failed Olaf, we helped daddy clear the driveway and mommy's car. That lead to Evan getting his shovel. You know how Evan is with his shovel. He spent hours shoveling the snow, all over the yard...

Snow Day - take 3 - Property

Deer on the way to the property. We decided to test the roads and go to our property.