Friday, August 31, 2012


Name these princesses:

It's a game on mommy's phone I love to play. I got daddy to pose for the camera and then dressed him up. Hehehehe! :)

Bath time

Who do I look like??? OK, let's go over the features - short legs, small rump, large belly, semi-thin-straightish hair, and long eyelashes (yea, those are hard to see, but they are there!).... DADDY! I am the spitting image of my father.... :)

Watermelon time!

Another butterfly check

Oh, look at the chrysalis - they are really forming cocoons now!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Butterfly check

Look!!!!! The caterpillars are already hanging upside down!!! The pupa stage!! In butterflies, this is known as chrysalis. Every morning I wake up and check on my butterflies and every afternoon when I get home from daycare I check on them again. I just love my butterflies and can't wait to see them emerge!!

Soccer Practice!

So, mommy and daddy decided not to sign me up for soccer this year and wait one more year..... I was going to do gymnastics instead (mommy got a deal on a groupon...). Well, then Jake's team needed a coach and the Y said if mommy would coach, I could be on Jake's team. Oh, mommy is such a sucker! The team is the Blue Lions. They have already had two practices, but no games. Our first game is September 8th. Here I am at my first practice. And guess what?! I loved it!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Butterfly Garden

Ms. Elizabeth got me a butterfly garden for my birthday. Mommy and daddy decided to wait until after the beach to get the larvae. Guess what arrived today!!! Caterpillars!!! They are so cool!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

More fun at Meermaw and Granddaddy's

Back at Meermaw and Granddaddy's! Daddy let me drive there... (OK, so really just on the property..)
He doesn't look scared at all, does he?!

Looky what Granddaddy got.... A new tractor!!!! And, I LOVE IT!! (I would cry if you took me off....)

I did let Kayla join me...

I got to sit with daddy on the bobcat while Kayla sat with Granddaddy on the tractor. :)

Daddy worked on the creek. Uncle Bubba is showing me.

 Four wheeler anyone??

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sea shell collecting

Not only did I bed to do this before we left for the beach, but we got a jar to hold them, we go to collect sea shells!!! Finally!! (I've actually been picking up shells everyday, but this evening mommy brought some bags for us to specifically collect them in!!)

Baby toes in the sand...

How can you resist baby feet? :)

Souvenier shipping!

You can't go to the beach and not do some souvenier shopping! So, lets go!

Into the shark's mouth!!

I loved the hermit crabs! I picked them up even!

Nap time

We decided to try to nap together today....


For lunch today, we went out to eat at Lambert's. They throw rolls at you - how silly! The waitress brought over a box and had me open it. Ahhhh, a mouse popped out! Wait, I didn't flinch at all!

Oh, so tired...

We went swimming at the pool this morning and then headed back in for a quick morning nap....

Thursday, August 16, 2012


After naps, we decided to go ride go carts, play skee ball and have fun at the arcade place. On the way there, though, the sky turned dark...

But, we still played!!


At the end, I had enough tickets for 6 tootsie rolls and two match box cars. It was so much fun!! Then everyone left that arcade and we went to another one because mommy promised me a merry-go-round ride (she thought we were going to a different place...). We had a blast at the second place too!

Not only did I do the merry-go-round, but I also got to do the swings!! And I did it with no problem, I am such a big girl!!

Alligator Farm!

After the train museum we went to an Alligator Farm and I loved it!! There were baby alligators:

Even baby alligators we could hold. Evan wasn't so sure...

But daddy and mommy went right for him!

As excited as I was, I still wasn't so sure - and decided not hold him, or even touch him!

Then we went into the "swamp" area where they had a walkway built and food you could throw. Kayla didn't want to throw any, but I did! Wait, you want me to throw the food, where??

You are so silly!!

Oh, he's so big.... Should I throw it?


Yum, the alligator ate it right up!

Kayla's turn to throw some food - oh, too shy!

I said, I don't want to throw any food - or take any pictures!

Feeding time!!

A spin through the gift shop...