Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meermaw and Granddaddy's

Here we are again!
Granddaddy reading us a book:

Meermaw got out the coolest car for us to play in!!

Then we went down to the creek and threw rocks in the water.

Time to swing with Meermaw and play in the leaves!!

BIG trucks!!

Then I saw one of their kitties. I LOVE kitties!!!

Kayla having a blast with Granddaddy on his tractor!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Not on Kayla....

Who needs a haircut??? :)

Soccer Game and Picture Day

Another soccer game! No pictures of me playing, but here I am waiting for our team picture.

Evan decided to get into the action and kick the ball into the goal!!

And throw the ball into the goal!

Then he saw a BIGGER goal...

And had to throw the ball into it!

Soooo coool!

What are you doing, Grandma?!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

FCF - family photos

FCF - Playground one last time!

We couldn't resist one last playground adventure! Evan loved the tunnel - he loved the whole playground set. And, yes, he knew he could climb everywhere on it and go anywhere.... Mommy had so much fun chasing him through the tunnel and sliding down the slides with him. :)
Here he is in the tunnel. He loved to climb through, then

Scoot back..

Climb through...

And say hello to everyone!

I joined him in the tunnel

And we both peeked out!

Uh-oh, who is coming to join us???


Daddy started sticking his face through the holes and we had a blast pushing him back through!

Uncle Bart decided to get the shuffle board equipment and play some. Fletcher tried to play....He isn't really on the board, though...silly boy!

Oh, Lincoln too!

Go, Annabeth, go!

Wait, Evan isn't a shuffle board piece!

Look at our hair!!


What is daddy doing in the tunnel and on the slide???!!

Evan's turn to slide all by himself!

Time to go!

FCF - walk

Today is our last day, but before we leave, lets play a little and take a family picture. Here we are walking to the Inn.